Life Balancing Clinic


Holistic Counselling with a Twist


Holistic Counselling can help you reconnect to your natural state of happiness within.

We all have the ability to create the life we want. We can also clear any mental, emotional and physical blocks to enrich our lives.

By taking control of our self-awareness and learning to still our mind, we can vividly create that life we seek. Clearing our blockages to patterns and behaviours that do not serve our greatest good, healing and happiness will happen naturally.

I steer adults to release their damage from a cellular level, for example their childhood or adolescent years of self-sabotage. This sabotage is through our mindsets from factors such as family, friends and relationships.

So are you looking for a solution, some answers and a way to feel better about yourself?

Gain new perspective, overcome your fears and anxiety, your fear of change, and start your healing through a holistic approach to counselling.



“Tereza’s  holistic human development came into my life at a time when I  was  experiencing difficulties in my  relationships. Tereza  offered  energetic healing exercises to heal my experience of these relationships and suggested specific questions to ask myself each morning during my meditation/ journaling practice. I have since been  able to shift this negative energy and rebuild the relationships in my life based on mutual respect, care and understanding. I am so grateful for Tereza’s unique skillset as an energy healer and holistic counsellor and look forward to transforming my life through her healing  and  guidance…”

Elizabeth, Environmental Writer/Educator

“I was recommended Tereza by a girlfriend of mine.  I have to say my first  visit was nice. I felt safe, calm and felt I had a great connection  with Tereza. She did blow me away with one thing, straight up.  While I was finishing my intake form, Tereza’s  first question to me was “what are you afraid of”? It was like Tereza  just knew what was going on in my head/life. I came to Life Balancing Clinic because of a few reasons, lots of emotional stuff and one major thing  that’s going on in my life, right now.  That first week after seeing  Tereza I have to say I felt good. Much calmer and I had a clearer head.  Not so many throughs rushing.  My second visit to Life Balancing Clinic, I  decided to do the 6-week program not that I have anxiety just because it  was cheaper and I saved some money.

At week 4 now and feeling Great. I have more calm in my head, my partner and mum can see a difference and I am more motivated to do things around the  house and play more with my son. I have started to clean old stuff out  of my life and heal relationships that I felt had pulled me down but  knowing now it was someone’s point of view that I was holding onto for  years.

If you are feeling you need some direction in life and just not sure which way to go, keep Tereza and  Life Balancing Clinic in mind”.

Ms. S Padstow