Tuesday, 28th August 2018

One thing I have always believed in is that everything happens for a reason. I have experienced this for myself in the past few days.

After being incredibly happy the past few weeks and feeling on top of the world, this past week has been rough. Having had many bad days and experiencing feelings I have hated, feelings I haven’t felt since I was at the worst of my teen depression, feelings of wanting to self harm, doubting myself and just general sadness.

Back to everything happening for a reason, I believe the universe has intended for me to have bad days to make me a stronger person. As horrible as it has been feeling these things, I can proudly say I have come out of it knowing how to cope with the sudden mood changes and the anger towards little things. This week I have found that the things which have fired me up so dramatically are loud noises. I have never been one for loud things and one of my biggest fears has definitely got to be motorbikes revving their engines!

We entertained at our house last weekend a few times and the loud music, people and atmosphere had messed up my energies. Being an empath and taking on peoples feelings and energies, I was taking on negative feelings that weren’t mine and choosing to deal with it. The worst feeling I experienced was wanting to self-harm. Whenever I have previously self-harmed, I have always told my mum after I did it because of the guilt I felt, or before when I felt the urge to so she would stop me. But this time, something urged me not to say anything to anyone and I believe that that was the universe testing me and teaching me I could get through it alone.

I think this all goes to show that we are a lot stronger than we think. In previous instances where this has happened, I have turned to things which caused the people around me and myself harm, self harm and suicide attempts being the major actions I took because I was unable to find other ways to cope with all the shit I was taking on. I do 110% suggest that anyone struggling with similar feelings, don’t hesitate to talk to somebody or check out Tereza at Life Balancing Clinic. I love everything I have learnt at the clinic because without having come here and truly discovering myself, I would still be in the same place I was a year ago. Have a good week everyone!


Tuesday, 13th August 2018


Hi guys name is Jasmine, I am 15 years old and I have decided to write a blog to share my experiences with everyone. Having grown up with anxiety and then later on developing teen depression, I have had many obstacles I have had to overcome. Having been brought up with both my parents being very open with me, I too was open back. This really saved my life because with two supportive parents I have been able to receive the support I needed to get through everything.

I have never liked to deal with my own issues so for a long time, dealing with my issues resulted in some form of self harm, weather it was cutting, scratching, biting. I would find a way to put some other pain in my system to what I was feeling. I have come now to realise that was never the solution. Having been medicated for two years prior to coming to Life Balancing Clinic, after 9 sessions I am a different person. Un-medicated, a more positive mindset and a happier person. I would also like to thank life balancing clinic for giving me this platform to express my feelings and emotions and share everything with the readers.