Intuitive Balinese Massage


A  dynamic approach, working with you in partnership, to bring about cohesion between body, mind and spiritual functioning. The process enables you to work through patterns, beliefs and behaviours that keep you stuck; and supports you in opening to greater aspects of the Self.


This course is hands-on which entails the giving and receiving of massage over the next two days amongst your fellow students.

We will provide instruction on traditional Balinese Massage techniques which include long flowing strokes, deep tissue massage and stimulation of the circulatory and lymphatic system whilst incorporating your intuition to create a massage that is unique and individualized to yourself and your clients.




Wedderburn,NSW 2560



Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd of May 2021

7am arrive approx 6 pm finish

Please ensure to have breakfast as this is a” hands-on” INTENSE course.

Life Balancing Clinic

My name is Desiree and together with my partner Karen we have developed a unique extension to Balinese Massage by incorporating the use of an individual’s intuition with traditional Balinese Massage techniques. I have completed my diploma in Remedial massage and worked in the natural health industry both as a business owner and massage therapist employee for approximately 18 years. I have qualifications in whole body massages which include the modalities of Balinese massage, Yoga floor massage and Kahuna massage. I am also a Reiki Master and Spirit Surgery facilitator. I have now decided to focus on training and am currently an Executive Member and Platinum Training Provider endorsed by the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT). Karen holds a Bachelor degree in Applied Social Science and has worked extensively in the Counselling Industry before focusing on massage. Karen works with you to develop a self care practice which focuses on your physical, emotional and spiritual self care which is vital in this industry to help prevent therapist burn out. This qualifies us to provide training and issue Accredited Certificates in massage and Reiki which are recognised internationally. Intuitive Balinese Massage incorporating intuition and essential massage techniques has been developed by ourselves and is an approved and recognised modality by IICT.

Traditionally Balinese Massage is an ancient deep tissue massage that involves the use of oils. The practitioner uses deep pressure to release areas of tense knotted tissue taking you into a sense of “MANTRA” (MAN, meaning mind, TRA is to deliver) meditation to connect and facilitate a healing process for the body on all three levels, PHYSICALLY, EMOTIONALLY and SPIRITUALLY. Intuitive Balinese Massage incorporates whole body massage techniques with your intuition to create a meditative state of relaxation to balance and heal the body.

Every client is an individual! Intuition means to “look within” and you as the practitioner will learn to look within your client by tuning into their mind and body throughout the massage and allowing this information to flow through and guide this therapeutic healing. Paying attention to this information and incorporating this into your own unique massage style will transfer through to your client. This indicates to your client that you fully understand their needs and the universal ability to facilitate what is required to assist in healing not only in the present moment but as an ongoing energy.

 The power of touch is incredible, and is one of the most healing life force energies. In this course you as the student will experience not only what it is like to be the giver, but also to be the receiver in order to understand the full philosophy of this massage and facilitate healing. By this ‘hands on’ method we can channel the universal energy and use our Intuition to allow this energy to flow and treat the receiver as a whole Emotionally, Physically and Spiritually. This holistic, person centred approach focusing on the individuals perception of these 3 elements is integral as all three are inseparably linked and must be balanced for good health.

Intuitive Balinese Massage is a non sexual strictly therapeutic only whole body massage which includes the back and front of body. Fundamental techniques learnt in this massage are stretching of the body, long flowing strokes, deep tissue massage, skin rolling and kneading to improve circulation and stimulate the lymphatic system in order to restore vitality to the body and balance it as a whole. During the course you will give and receive massage in a learning environment with our guidance amongst your fellow students. This massage is NOT SUITABLE for anyone who is or may possibly be pregnant. No experience is necessary to attend our course however if you have previous massage experience you will be encouraged to incorporate this into this massage. Combining this with your intuition creates a unique massage that is as individual as each of your clients.

Additionally what sets us apart from other massage courses is the attention we pay to you the therapist and the importance of SELF CARE! This course will focus on establishing a self care routine (from massage therapist body mechanics to emotional and spiritual well being) for you as daily practice so as to assist in the prevention of therapist “burn out” which is all too common in the Natural Health Therapy Industry. In addition we provide information for you to assist your clients with their massage after care.

Upon successful completion of this course you will be a qualified massage therapist. All students receive an accredited certificate (recognised Internationally in the Natural Health Therapies Industry) in Intuitive Balinese Massage and information regarding membership application to the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT). If you choose to become a member with IICT you will gain immediate approval for public liability and discounted indemnity insurance. Future employment opportunities include but are not limited to employee in the Natural Health Therapies Industry such as massage therapist in a day spa or massage centre, the ability to establish your own business e.g. home based or mobile massage service or simply to provide massage to your family and friends with confidence.



Plate to share of fresh vegetarian food  ( NO NUTS,EGGS OR FISH PRODUCTS “GF” IF POSSIBLE )

  • Wear comfortable clothing with short sleeves
  • Water bottle
  • Own towel for wiping oil from body & sarong (we provide sarongs for use during course if you do not have your own)
  • Please remove all jewellery



  • Course booklet
  • Tea/Coffee and a variety of fresh fruit
  • Massage course materials including towels, sarongs and oils (the oil we use is a non allergenic plant based water dispersal oil which is easily washed out of clothing and linen)

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