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It’s about getting clarity, receiving guidance & making a DECISION!



I’m here to help you bust through to your next level & teach you how to make decision and make life so must more exciting. I work with people who want to make things happen in their lives but feel held back. Most of the time it’s because they can’t make a DECISION.

What’s stopping you is an underlying combination of hidden blocks “MINDSETS”. That’s where I come in; to shine the light on them for you. I do this one-on-one through private sessions.

When we were kids, we were fearless, happy, unstoppable and we were doing everything for the first time in life, but that never stopped us. We tried and failed, then we tried again and again until we learned how to walk, speak, play, ride the bicycle, etc. As we are growing up, we are learning from everything we hear and see around us and everything we experience. We develop habits, beliefs, fears, disciplines and learn from good and bad experiences, which ultimately are guiding our life, our “Mindset” is put in place.

As adults, we live our life driven by that mindset what we have learned from our good and bad experiences while growing up.

Passion, commitment, motivation and DECISIONS are the key to reaching your goals. The major key to your better future is YOU MAKING THAT DECISION.

Life Coaching with Tereza Andjelic will help you improve your personal and professional life, including:


  • Overcoming your fears and handle stress better

  • Defining goals and making that DECISION

  • Help getting direction in life and making that DECISION

  • Improving balance between work and life because you have made that DECISION

  • Identifying obstacles and fears, along with guidance to overcome them

  • Prioritizing & time management

  • Help making difficult DECISIONS in high risk situations or challenges

  • Improving relationships & life overall

  • Help with identifying weaknesses and core strengths to maximize potential

  • Improving life by finding your passion, reducing stress and increasing productivity

Making that DECISION for a life that brings you EASE, JOY, GLORY, MAGIC & GRATITUDE


* Single 60-minute Session $250


* Unlimited text/email Monthly Package

 with 4 one on one Sessions



* Unlimited text/email Monthly Package

with 8 One on One Sessions




This is just one of the packages that are offered at Life Balancing Clinic.


As travel is a big part of Tereza’s life she has a few other packages that are offered for interstate and international Personal One On One programs. These packages include Tereza coming to you for an intense program.

For more information,

contact Tereza on 0419 437 044