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Diploma in Meditation and Holistic Counselling


"Holistic approach to Autonomic Nervous System - Brain Body Medicine - Anxiety - Depression - Grief - Loss - Trauma - Abuses - PTSD - Pain - Chronic Healing"


To understand the connection between thought (the thinking a person chooses to entertain including their perception of situations both real and imagined, current, past and future), the brain(the organ that translates the minds perceptions into chemical, electrical and hormonal responses within the body) and the physical health (disease and illness, healing and physical wellbeing) and use that understanding to make changes that will initiate healing and assist in maintaining good physical health.


Throughout this Advanced Diploma, you will learn a great deal about the anatomy of the brain and how it works from a physiological perspective. You will also learn about the chemicals the brain releases, or signals other organs in the body to release, what they do and how they assist our bodies to remain strong and healthy. You will come to understand what triggers the brain to release these chemicals and that when these chemicals are released into our bodies in the perfect amounts and in the right conditions they keep the body in optimum health. You will also see how an excess of, and imbalances in these chemicals cause ill health and disease. The information in this course is scientifically proven and evidence-based. It will give you an excellent healing tool that can completely revolutionize the way we look at health, healing and the treatment of disease


Prepare to connect with your ‘inner tutor’, your intuition, your awake, aware, conscious, presence.

Make 2020 the year you step into the new you

Next intake commencing.

Monday, 27th April 2020

7.30pm till 9.00pm

24 face-to-face classes (school holidays off)



Certificate of Meditation Teaching
Certificate in Chair Yoga Instruction
Certificate in Holistic Counselling and Life Coaching.



Postgraduate Course 1:

The Autonomic Nervous System is responsible for determining which neurochemicals and what amounts are released into our bodies; these chemicals create the physical environment our cells form and live in.

This course explores the link between the way we chose to think (our perception), the neurochemicals those mental states determine and how chemical imbalances cause disease. Based on clinical evidence, ANSR investigates how and why, what we think influences our level of physical wellbeing and explains, in practical terms, how changing our thinking process will dramatically improve our physical health.


Postgraduate Course 2:

This course explores why people can find themselves ‘trapped’ in old belief systems, negative thinking and habitual ideas that do not contribute to living happy or healthy lives.

It provides a deeper understanding of the simple and practical tools we can use to help adopt a more positive and healthier thinking process. It includes an in-depth exploration of how and why particular thinking patterns manifest into specific physical illness. Based on scientific research and humanistic psychology, this course takes the mystery out of ‘mind body medicine’ and brings a popular theory into a new light as a concrete healing modality.

Postgraduate Course 3:

This course provides people with the tools required to self-manage depression and anxiety as well as better manage stress in daily life. As we witness the distressing increase in the number of people dependent on antidepressant drugs to cope with daily life, we realise how essential it has become to provide natural and self-managed alternatives to medication as a standalone treatment. Teaching Meditation for Depression and Anxiety is particularly useful for practitioners who wish to focus on the epidemic of stress, depression and anxiety-related disorders that are rampant in our society.


Postgraduate Course 4:

The course offers a fantastic opportunity to explore the issues many men face in our modern society. Subjects include men and communication, understanding anger, facing fear, sexuality, men’s roles in society, rites of passage, fatherhood, men’s health, and cultivating creativity for men. This course also covers running workshops and retreats for men, including warrior-style workshops and celebrations of manhood.



The information to be considered in these Men’s Health modules presents amazing opportunities for:


  • Spiritual/mental growth, especially for men
  • Coming alive;
  • Genuine male friends
  • Turning feelings of love into positive actions
  • Vibrant physical health
  • Satisfying romantic relationships
  • Being an authentic father
  • Adventure
  • Fun
  • Meaning and purpose.


Some of the issues to be addressed:


  • Alienation
  • Relationship breakdown
  • Suicide
  • Obesity
  • Alcoholism
  • Drug dependence
  • Violence/Aggression
  • Loneliness
  • Father hunger
  • Compulsive competition
  • Sex & sexuality
  • lifelong emotional timidity
  • Lack of Purpose
“Most men don’t have a life. What we have instead is a big act, kept up for protection. Early in our adult lives, we pick out one of several masks –hard worker, cool dude, good bloke, tough guy, sensitive new man. And then for years afterwards, we keep up the pretence that this is us and things are fine. ‘It’s cool’. ‘She’ll be right’. Underneath, though, there is often a profound loneliness. Pretending and having a life, are not the same thing.”~ Steve Biddulph –“Manhood’
  • “Who am I?”
  • This is the eternal existential question!
  • How can one know the answer without contrast?
  • The question, ‘Who am I?’ brings on more questions, who am I in relationship to the greater world and society at large?
  • Who am I in my familial relationships?
  • Who am I to my spouse, or lover, or partner, and friends?
  • Who am I in my essence?
  •  What is the essential part of my-self that distinguishes me as an individual?

Make 2020 the year you step into the new you

Next intake commencing.

Monday, 27th April 2020

7.30pm till 9.00pm

24 face-to-face classes (school holidays off)

The IMTTA Training Courses are evidence-based and include referencing to scientific research, providing the student with a grounded, non-sectarian and extremely professional knowledge base.

All course materials are well researched and presented in a very practical, hands-on format, allowing students to explore and experiment with the information provided.

Each lecture includes several practical exercises and a submission form, where students are required to comment on, explain, discuss or answer questions relating to the particular lecture. This provides the course teacher with a good understanding of the students’ ability to understand and assimilate the course materials.

The course materials have been created by Isabelle Cunningham and Kerry Doolan. Many of the lectures include audio-visual presentations, Power-point presentations and other visual aids, along with e-books, to provide the widest possible teaching style for the full spectrum of learning styles.

The course is focused on educating professional Meditation teachers, Meditation therapists and holistic counsellors who are able to provide the highest quality service to their own students and clients. It therefor covers a wide range of topics, including an understanding of anatomy and physiology, humanistic psychology and holistic counselling practices as well as teaching skills, managing groups, running a small business, corporate stress management and a wide range of other important topics.

The student is required to read several independent books throughout the various courses, written by well-respected and highly qualified individuals.

The general feedback on this course material from students has been excellent and includes comments about the learning being fun as well as informative; there being a profound opportunity for personal development as well as professional learning and confidence to work in the area of Meditation teaching and holistic wellbeing, gained through the high quality of the courses content.

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