My name is Orlanda Gouveia and I am 52 years of age and married with three grown up boys. Throughout my life I have had challenges related to marriage issues, family issues and issues with self-esteem and abuse. After starting to open up over ten years ago to the holistic and spirituality as well as working though many levels of myself from meditation to counselling it became apparent of all the blockages and self-sabotaging as well as negative beliefs that had built up along the way, which in turn effected my life. After completing various courses, I was able to work through my many blockages and now that I am at a point where I am happy with myself and my life, I am now in a position where I want to help others the same way that my teachers helped me through the understanding and knowledge that I gained first hand through life experiences and the knowledge I gained from my teachers, it has equit me with the skills I now can offer others. I offer meditation classes with a twist, holistic counselling and life coaching and as a Reiki master I also offer Reiki Energy Healings.

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Emotional Shifting


Balancing Your Energy

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I will guide you into a meditation that will take you way from the NOW, on a journey that will shift you to another place where I will help guild you to heal yourself from within.
The mind is a very powerful thing … if you transform Your thinking … You can transform your everyday life… let me take you on a journey … for Your Journey to start.
My Reiki Energy Healings are the USUS System. Whilst completing my Masters I was guided to alternative methods including the use of singing bowls for Sound Healing and Reiki stones to energize the body Chakra’s, along with the gift of Mediumship with visits from my guides, Mostly giving me Intuitive messages for the person receiving the Reiki Healing as well as guiding me on the Healing itself.
I find that everyone has a different reaction from the Healing. This can be an emotional release or a verbal realization, however the end result is always beneficial to the individual with the feeling of a weight Lifted/ Removed from them.
I always allow my clients to feel at ease and giving them the time they need to release any negativity, being thoughts or emotions as well as feeling comfortable in my environment.

Happy Clients

“Orlanda is an excellent reader who is not only very accurate with her readings but she leaves you feeling very self empowered”.


“Love, love, LOVE meditation at Orlanda’s.
I look forward to my Wednesday evenings on her comfy lounges!
I also experienced reiki for the first time with Orlanda and I will definitely be booking in for another session or two!
If you are after a little time out from a hectic lifestyle, then this is the place for you!
I find my sessions with Orlanda so very relaxing, it puts things into perspective and slows my life right down. I actually feel like I float out of there.
Highly recommend”.


“Orlanda just got me, thank you Orlanda”.


As I Look out over the Endless Ocean…
I wonder about what life has given me ….. what is still to come … the people that have come into my life and the one’s that have left it… and what I have learnt …. and still to learn
Where I have been ….. where I am still to go… the question are endless.. as is the Ocean… but as the waves trust that their connection to the Ocean makes them one… so I trust that I am connected to the bigger picture that is and has been my life … and what is still to transpire…
I am grateful… I am blessed… I am