su ying borgeest

Su Ying Borgeest is a practitioner of Rapid Release Code, Bowen Therapy, Emmett Technique, and Access Consciousness.

I lived in Singapore for 12 years where I was under the guidance of Mr. Pan, to learn energy and healing work.

Mr. Pan, a self taught Master only discovering his ability after open heart surgery.  Through deep meditation and extensive research.  Mr. Pan would treat patients that doctors had given up on, people would line up to see him.

The first year of study was about discipline of my thoughts.  It became extremely helpful with my future work.  I spent five days a week, four hours a day training, this became an eight year apprenticeship.


I was to follow Mr. Pan while he attended his patients at the Sai Baba centre where he has a room to help people with all kind of conditions.  When I finished my apprenticeship, I moved to Sydney, Australia in 1997 and continued my studies learning remedial therapies and Bowen and opened my clinic in 2000 in Neutral Bay.

When I noticed that some clients kept coming back with the same conditions which causing me to question why?  Then the question lead me on a quest of learning other extensive modalities, Reiki, Access Consciousness Bars, Kinergetics, TMJ (Jaw) Reset.  Rapid Release Code surfaced when I realised we could release past traumas, Karma, belief systems and misunderstandings.  Then reset, re-establish self-empowerment & new intents which have helped many clients to have the freedom within self and find hope, joy and confidence in being themselves.  And we often noticed the changes of physical conditions as an result of all the release.

The Rapid Release Code

Introduction Workshop.

Have you ever experienced waking up with a headache, feeling upset, negative, had enough?

Knowing how to do clearings on your energy body and physical body will improve your a whole lot better.

Things that Su Ying would love to teach you in this workshop:

  • Muscle testing and be able to get answers
  • Clearing Karmic Knots
  • Clearing Karmic Debts
  • Clearing Ancestor Karmas

Plus Su Ying will boost your 12 essential programs as a foundation:

  1. Body Maintenance and Orientation
  2. Communication
  3. Intuition
  4. Creativity
  5. Soul Contract
  6. Personal Database
  7. Upgrades, Corrections and Automatic Override
  8. Protection and Filter System Scanner
  9. Planetary Orientation
  10. Manifestation
  11. Dream Recall
  12. Akashic Records

There will be other programs that will be talked about and cleared.

Plus Su Ying will teach you how to do these clearings on others.


Happy Clients

Countless Doctors

I’ve been to countless doctors and tried different therapies the last 4 years and no one has been able to find a solution to an awful chronic pain in my tendon.

I’ve met Sandy, I have been to only two sessions with her and I’ve been able to run and exercise again.

Besides this, she has taught me amazing techniques to change patterns and find a great balance.

I really love her practice and I am so happy to have found her! I have recommended to several of my friends already.

Monica (Sydney)

Age Is Just A Number

I am a lady of 82 years and have just had a session with Sandy I am so amazed how I feel after talking to her I did feel stressed and very heavy within but now I am feeling so light happy and energetic and peaceful within myself 🙏

From Michele

From Grumpy and Aggressive to Affectionate and Caring

“My  9 year old son was moody, grumpy, aggressive and wasn’t enjoying  life.  

What a different boy I have now.  He is calmer, happier, cuddlier  and  so much more helpful than before. 

I  feel like I have found my son  and I can finally see who he really is….  an affectionate, caring, funny  boy with a great sense of humour. His  father and his Nana have also  noticed significant changes in him. 

Much gratitude to Sandy for a very  powerful and effective treatment.” ~ M Gunn

The Rapid Release Code

Introduction Workshop





Sutherland Shire NSW

Friday, 26th February 2021 –

Monday, 1st March 2021


10am till 4pm every day