Rebirthing – Breathwork


The research is to find out where the therapy originated, including the name of the person who first introduced the therapy and a brief history if possible. Provide a short summary of any clinical research or scientific evidence that supports the validity of the therapy. List of conditions the therapy is best suited to treat. A summary of how the therapy works to assist the client. Contras or dangers associated with using the therapy. A bibliography listing the resources used to find the information, including websites and publications.


Leonard Orr – Born, 15th November 1937

Leonard D. Orr is the founder of the world-wide Rebirthing Breathwork movement. He is a life-long student of self-transformation, body mastery, and is one of the pioneers of the New Age. He is a modern day yogi, visionary, teacher, author, businessman, and leader in the fields of longevity and physical immortality. Leonard continues to offer lecturing and trainings all over the world as he has done for more than 30 years. He has met 8 immortal yogi masters so far and has been their devoted student for over 28 years. He is the author of around 30 books. His unique ideas have healed and changed the lives of millions worldwide.

There is no research in the medical literature to support the use of “Rebirthing Breathwork” for mental health symptoms. It is not recognized by the American Academy of Paediatrics or the American Psychiatric Association. Although, many adults that have had this work done have claimed that it has changed their lives.

“Rebirthing Breathwork” is especially popular for the treatment of reactive attachment disorder and also used in Self-destruction tendencies and patterns, PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Chronic Pain, ADHD, Behavioural issues in children, Low Self-Esteem and Addiction to Drugs and Alcohol.

“Rebirthing Breathwork” sessions can take several sessions to start seeing a healing happening, depending on your age and your treatment goals. It begins with you lying down, relaxing and just breathing. It uses an easy to follow breathing technique called “conscious circular breathing” that is guided by your healer.

“Rebirthing Breathwork Therapy” is an Clinical Base therapy and still been tested.


There are no findings of any dangers associates to Rebirthing Breathwork Therapy it really is up anyone that wants to use it. Although, in 2002 it was banned from the US state of Colorado after a death of a 10year old girl but I have to say that the way that the session went it was over the top.

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