Holistic Counselling with a Twist


Working with teenagers brings me great joy.


Seeing how they connect with me is truly exciting. Seeing them grow and enhance their true inner life path is my purpose.


To have teenagers come to the Clinic and want to find out who they are and open their awareness to this extraordinary world we live in, is welcoming.

I have been working with teenagers for over 10 years. In my years of practice, my unique holistic approach has evolved into a collaborative and flexible interaction. I make use of all my years of different learnings as well as new contemporary techniques to help the individual.

Depression, anxiety, mood, ADHD, sleep, headache, exam stress, family relationships, fears, self-esteem, anger, jealousy, hate, shame, blame are some of the emotions that I have had the pleasure in helping teenagers with. I teach them to find ‘TOOLS’ to help them delete these negativities from their lives.

The emphasis is NOT on teaching skills for CHANGING thoughts, feelings or behaviours. It’s teaching skills and providing tools to CONNECT with your thoughts, feelings and behaviours and using these ‘TOOLS’ to delete JUDGEMENT of oneself. R.E.S.E.T. is also used in these sessions.

“My  son started going to Life Balancing Clinic 2 years ago when  he was experiencing anxiety. He immediately connected to Tereza and has learnt  so much from her.

She is always available for him to text and  has made time in her busy schedule to see him in times of crisis. He has learnt skills to help him make decisions independently and to look at life from a different and mature perspective, as parents we have also learnt many things to help him and our other children.

We are confident now that our son has a  golden future and will achieve great things. Taking our son to Tereza  was one of the best decisions we  have made for our child”
– Happy Mum and Dad


“I have been visiting Tereza Andjelic at Life Balancing Clinic since February 2014. I have brought both of my sons aged 15 and 17 in an effort to help them through issues such as the grief and loss of their  deceased father, anxiety, depression, and a lack of direction and focus when making important decisions about education and employment.

Tereza has knowledge and experience that is  unique and effective in its outstanding results and many success  stories. I have seen my children  flourish and look towards the future  in a positive way that has far  exceeded any expectations that I had.  Tereza has treated my family with respect and careful consideration and I am truly grateful for the difference she has made in our lives.
Life Balancing Clinic provides a safe,  warm, caring environment and exceptional quality of care for young  people. I hope it continues to be  successful so that Tereza can keep  providing such an amazing service and  have such a positive impact on people everywhere.

I recommend her to your attention and wish her all the very best for the future”
– Single Mum of 2 boys