Life Balancing Clinic


Holistic Counselling with a Twist




“Life Balancing Clinic” is a place that I have always wanted to open. It’s a place where I wanted to help people, to understand and to meet their higher self.

To look at their life and to be able to say “Yes I Love My Life and I Love Me”.

Holistic Counsellor

My life has not been an easy journey. Like so many other people in this world of ours, I continue to learn about ME every day, as a Person, Mother, Daughter, Sister and  Partner. “Meeting Me” has been the most uplifting part of my journey.

So many things in life can change from the time we are born. Life challenges, school pressures, family influence and much more.


I always found myself to be different to others. As a child growing up, I felt that no one really understood me. I would play by myself in the backyard and talk to myself. Well, at least that’s what I thought, knowing now, it was someone else. As a child I always felt fear and a sense of freedom in my life too, which was very confusing as a young child. How does one feel fear and freedom at the same time? You see, my mother had this fear of life and my father was the one that had this great sense of freedom. So as life went on, my mindset had been set in a very confused way. “Live with Fear but Freedom too”.

With that in mind, and a strong opinion that I was told from my parents, that marriage, children and a housewife was my pathway… that’s what happened. I married at the age of 22, had my first son at 24, then twin boys at 27. By 31, I was divorced. I loved married life in the beginning. My husband and I did everything together. Great Friends! Great Outings! First baby born in our social group! Life was Great! The twins came along and life was even more exciting. Friends were having babies by then and we were having lots of baby catch-ups. Life was awesome.

Something changed along the way. It’s not something that was in my path, my “mindset”. My husband and I started disagreeing on things. Other parents got involved in our life, too many different points of view! We decided to leave Sydney and move to Perth to get away from everything. Two years later, I moved back to Sydney with my boys and left my married life.

Moving back into mum and dad’s place was hard. Their point of view of what I should do and how I should do it started to take effect. I felt my life was being controlled again because the mindset made me feel like I had failed. So, I just allowed my parents to control what I did, to a certain point. That’s when I knew I needed to do something about my “mindset”.

My first encounter with a Holistic Counsellor, I didn’t really know what to expect, nether lone what a Holistic Counsellor really was. However, something drew me to them. I made an appointment to see one and went with an open mind. To this day, I am forever grateful for Judith and my amazing first Holistic Counselling session. Judith helped me to connect to my inner-self and helped me to work through the pain and suffering of my Mind, Body and Spirit. I still remember her first question to me.

“Who is Tereza?” 

I remember thinking to myself, who was I really?

The answer was:

“I was everything to everyone but nothing to myself”   

I had about 8 sessions straight with Judith, then fortnightly sessions for about two months. By then, top up sessions were only required when I felt I needed some direction. My life started to expand and my conscious too. With this new “mindset” I had happier boys, my relationship with my parents, to a point, became a respectful one and I met “Mr Awesome” who accepts me for me.

Still not knowing what I wanted to do with my life and not wanting to go back to doing my photography, a girlfriend offered me a job as an office manager. That was great, but still not me. I then did some baby swimming teaching classes and that’s when it hit me, like a hammer hits a thumb, a huge burst of energy rushing through your body.

Studying Holistic Counselling, becoming a Meditation Teacher and a Mindset Coach has been the most rewarding experience I have every felt. Opening Golden Feather Sanctuary now known as “Life Balancing Clinic” was the perfect next chapter of my journey on helping people to discover who they are.
It is a place where people come to, that want to free themselves from whatever is going on in their life. Whatever it is giving them the heavy feeling, whether it be anxiety, depression, bipolar, stress, relationship breakdowns, finding relationships or finding themselves.

To this date, I am very confident in saying that all of my clients are in a much happier place in life, plus feeling light with the tools  and  choices they have made a part of their every day living.


Having teenagers come to the Clinic has been an amazing experience and one that I choose to always create time and space for. In doing this and creating awareness for teenagers, it’s exciting to know that many adults have also connected to the same emotions and feelings. You see, they are connecting into their “teenage mindsets” and we together are working out how their “teenage mindsets” are stopping them from creating more in their lives now. This could be anything from work, relationship or business opportunities, and many more.

I believe that we all have a special gift, but until we know who we really are, it’s hard for that gift to shine through.

What is your “mindset” now?

Do you enjoy your “mindset”?

Would you like to create more opportunities in your life? Is the word “create” a heavy feeling?

Is the word “opportunities” a heavy or light feeling in your body?

What lies are you living that are stopping you from an extraordinary life?

What is your “mindset” now?

Do you enjoy your “mindset”?

Would you like to create more opportunities in your life?

Is the word “create” a heavy feeling?

Is the word “opportunities” a heavy or light feeling in your body?

What lies are you living that are stopping you from an extraordinary life?

I have an extraordinary life and some may say that it’s different but that’s just “their point of view”.

I am blessed with creating opportunities for people who want to be more conscious in their life helping them to choose “Feeling Light and Free” over “Fear and Freedom”.

Be You. Be Free. Be Amazing.